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Hideko Graphics Journal

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1/30/07 @ 7:22 pm
You found the graphics journal for Hideko. If you are interested in anything relating to graphics posted outside Crazed System please comment here to be added. You can find a link to our joined resources by clicking HERE.

Things you will find in this journal:

+Winamp skins
+Various other things that may/may not be graphic related.
Everything can be found organized HERE for easy access.

Pretty much a lot of trial and error, a lot of learning, and various other things. If you would like to see me post this stuff, rant about domains, and various other things comment~! Please note this is NOT my regular journal and I will not be reading your entries/commenting to your journal under this name. If you want something along those lines go to my personal journal frozen_darkly and ask to be added. This is just for me to display my work.
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